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My Skull has its Candy Back

6 December 2010

We probably all have, at one time or another, gone on lamenting the "throw-away" culture we find ourselves living in. And rightly so, even if we do continue to take part in it to varying degrees. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who gaped in horror at his television when they started advertising the disposable hand towels for use in your own bathroom.

So imagine my delight tonight when I managed to successfully repair my busted headphones.

I know, I know. It's hardly rocket science. But I've never done it before, and generally, I'm kind of a moron when it comes to electrical connections. But I had to try this. This was the second set of decent headphones I'd bought, and it hadn't lasted very long before one of the earbuds started cutting out.

It's a common problem, apparently. The wire right at the plug bends so frequently that it eventually breaks inside the rubber cover. I suppose it might be fair to say that I'm particularly hard on mine, just because of the way my iPod sits in my coveralls when I'm at work. If I'm standing, there's no strain on the wire, but if I crouch, the fabric tends to stretch over the plug.

But I figured there had to be a way. Google was my friend, as is so often the case. And now, for the staggering cost of four dollars and a total time investment of about ten minutes with a sharp knife and a soldering iron, my forty-dollar Skullcandy's work like new. And I even have an extra plug, since The Source sells them in boxes of two (which doesn't make much sense to me - how often do you need two headphone plugs at a time?).

I absolutely love not throwing things away.

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