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14 March 2009

So on Friday night, I bought an electric guitar.

It's beautiful. A wine-red Epiphone Special II, not an expensive guitar at all (probably one of the cheapest on the rack), but it's the one that beckoned to me the most. Reminds me very much of an old Gibson L6-S I once had the pleasure of playing.

This makes the slippery slope even steeper. Because I now have an acoustic guitar (with a preamp in it), an electric guitar, a digital piano, a proper microphone, and an iBook with GarageBand installed. All I need is that little USB interface to jack all of these things directly into the computer, and I'm set.

Like I've got the time. Another hobby is about the very last thing I need, except maybe a blow to the head with a fax machine. But who cares.

As a half-crazy French-Canadian machinist I once knew used to say, "I very like it."

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