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The newly-discovered curse.

30 June 2010

It's fair to say a pattern has been established now. Every time I have a store order something in for me, either because they are out of stock or only get it in by request, there's a problem. It never goes smooth.

The first striking example was my telescope. The store had none in stock, but said they could get one. I ordered it, and was told it should take a couple of weeks. A month and many inquiring phone calls later, I was told that the distributor had them backordered from the manufacturer. A few weeks after that, it finally came to light that the manufacturer was no longer building the thing. I ended up with a different scope altogether.

I think that was where it started. It has happened a few times since. Now it's happening with my CZ 455.

I don't think I have ever ordered something and had it show up on time, without headaches.

Anyone wanna buy a curse off me? Five bucks.

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